Poker machines: a journey through time

Modern day gaming venues will not be complete unless they include several rows of slots machines. Sometimes even signifying a venue’s prestige, depending on the number and variety of slots it holds, this simple spin-of-the-reel game is what cash games are all about: Quick and easy fun, and hopefully some money in, as well.

It’s interesting to see how this gaming machine developed throughout the years, and the past 20th century, by looking at its origins, back in America’s dusty Wild West days. Then, a fellow by the name of Charles Fey, introduced his latest invention to some local street pubs. This odd new game, named Liberty Bell, due to one of the symbols on its reels needed to gain a winning combination, was more simple and basic than the slots we play today, but it turned out to be an instant hit even then. You simply pull its lever, which in turn spins the three reels on it, to get almost endless amount of combination that consists of 5 symbols. Back then, the only thing you would be able to win is tobacco, booze and chocolate bars. How lucky are we that this gaming machine turned so popular that it can change a lucky winner’s life.

Slots machines adopted several different names throughout the years, like the one armed bandit, or fruit machines, after the spinning symbols on newer versions, made other by Mr Fey himself, or future companies which developed their own version of the machine. The name poker machines derive from a slot game in which you have to get the best poker hand in order to win more.

Thus, this game, like many other, found itself in the digital era, after an immense success of the electronic poker machines, the video pokers. Since the 90’s and the rise of the internet, many online video poker machines have popped up, to introduce now-days some of the wildest and most colourful variations the game has ever seen, with multi paylines, progressive jackpot and many new modern features which help to retain this game’s infinite popularity.