Bingo Tips For Newcomers

For newcomers Bingo halls can be an intimidating place, we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help you get started. For those looking to play online, sites such as Two Big Ladies can help you find the right game.

So you’re heading to the bingo hall and it’s your first time. The first thing to do is make sure you’re there early. Bingo isn’t just an event that you’re going to watch, as a player of the game you should be there before it starts. Imagine if a football player didn’t show up to a game until 5 minutes had gone. This stops the risk of interrupting the game when you walk in which can upset regular players who might have trouble hearing as it is.

Most traditional bingo halls will hand out free daupers (the pens you use to dot your numbers on the card). However, some halls might not hand them out and they can be quite expensive. Check before you go well in advance of what the bingo hall offers, you might find it worthwhile to buy a set before you go which can save you some money. Another clever tip is to take some sellotape, it can help you keep your bingo card steady on the table which can move around when you’re frantically trying to keep up with the action.

When the action is underway, remember to keep alert if you want to maximise your chances of winning. Just recently an unlucky player missed out on a £10,000 jackpot because the caller didn’t hear him say bingo. This just shows the importance of not just reacting quickly but by making sure you announce your winning ticket loud enough! As long as you’re sure you’ve won and haven’t made a mistake then there’s nothing wrong with making that clear! Once the next number has been called, you might have blown your chance.

If for you, bingo is about socialising then perhaps playing online will be a better atmosphere. Online bingo allows you to play automatically, this means you’ll automatically get paid out on winning tickets as they happen. At a bingo hall if you spend too much time chatting away, you’ll not only frustrate other players but you might even miss a chance to win!

One final tip is to check before you go if you’re allowed to take your own drinks. Bingo halls make a lot of money on refreshments so they might not be very keen on you taking your own but it’s worth asking! If you’re going to start making a trip to a bingo hall a regular thing, it could be a wise idea to start taking your own drinks and snacks! Any bingo hall worth it’s salt will offer it’s customers free cups of tea!