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An excellent alternative for people who are not interested in winning or losing money in a casino is video poker, which is a good starting point for people who are unfamiliar with poker. It resembles slot machines because they operate in the same way.

At the onset, video pokers were rather primitive, which is quite understandable, since video poker was not introduced until thirty years ago and is far more superior to similar forms of entertainment. Eventually, video poker developed and became popular to people without much knowledge of poker.

The lone similarity between video and table poker is the aim of getting a winning hand. But making a choice is the only thing that the player can do, it is the computer that decides the outcome.

With free slots and video poker, one need not visit a casino to be able to play. They have the option between a downloadable and no download software. However, they provide the gambler with a similar experience of being in a real casino.
So try video poker and free slots and get an alternative online gambling experience.